How to Choose the Right Dog Fencing

If you have a dog that you want to contain safely in your yard — all without having to worry about keeping them on a leash all the time — you should consider installing a dog fence on your property. Naturally, you'll need to make some decisions during this process, but these tips should help you with choosing the right dog fencing.

Consider the Size of Your Dog

First of all, consider the size of your dog when you're choosing your fence. A shorter fence is typically sufficient for smaller dogs. If you have a big dog, however, you will probably want to choose a taller, stronger and more secure fence for proper containment.

Consider Your Dog's Habits

It's no secret that some dogs are more well-behaved than others. It's also easier to contain some dogs within fencing than others. For example, some dogs will happily stay within a fence without any problems, while others will do their best to climb or jump over the fence. Some will even attempt to dig under the fence when possible.

You should definitely consider your dog's habits and any issues that you might have had with containing your dog in the past when you are choosing your dog fencing. If you have had problems with your dog climbing fences in the past, for example, you may want to choose a fence type that will be more difficult for them to climb, such as vinyl fencing. For dogs that jump or climb over fences, choosing a taller fence is usually the best idea, even if you have a smaller dog.

If you have had problems with your dog digging under your fence in the past, you should talk to the fencing contractor about this. Your fencing contractor can bury your fence a bit deeper or take other steps to help prevent this issue from happening.

Consider the Look You Want

When purchasing a fence for your dog, the number one thing that you might be worried about is making sure that your dog is kept contained in a safe and effective manner. This does not mean that you have to settle for an unsightly fence that negatively impacts the look of your yard, however. Instead, you can work with your fencing contractor in regards to the points above, all while looking at some of the different fence types, designs and colours that are available. Then, hopefully, you can have a beautiful fence installed that will also be great for containing your dog. Contact a dog fencing service to learn more.