Commercial Shipping: Three Important Tips for Using Wooden Boxes

Proper packaging is crucial when moving vulnerable commercial goods. If there is no adequate protection during the shipping process, the losses could cripple your business. One of the most efficient packaging options to consider is wooden boxes. These are built to secure and protect fragile goods. Unlike pallets and crates, they ensure more coverage of the cargo. Consequently, the risk of exposure to unfavourable conditions and harmful impact will be lower. If you would like to use wooden boxes for shipping, consider these simple tips.

Check the Shipment Weight

The weight of your shipment is a crucial factor in wooden box selection. This consideration is important because there are lightweight and heavy-duty boxes on the market. Often, people opt for lightweight options because they are cheaper. However, if you place a weighty item in the box, it might cause a lot of stress to the unit. This could lead to premature breakage of the structure. In general, it is advisable to inquire about the maximum weight rating of the different wooden boxes before purchase.

Measure the Cargo Size

Poor matching of the size of the wooden box and the bulk of the commercial goods could lead to damage and losses. In simple terms, if you force your large item into a small box, you will cause stress to the edges. This could lead to the deformation of the product. On the other hand, placing a small item in a large box will leave too much space around the goods. This will be harmful because the goods will keep shifting in the container and experiencing impact. Moreover, the larger box will be an unnecessary expense. You can prevent problems by measuring the cargo and choosing the best box match.

Think About Wood Pests

You should think about the presence of pests in wooden materials. It is not uncommon for insects to burrow into timber-based structures. Unfortunately, certain pests can be harmful to the goods being shipped. They could also cause the premature degradation of the shipping box, and the damage could cause the breakage of the container. Additionally, there are rules in place to prevent the spread of harmful pests through shipping containers. You can avoid all these problems by choosing a wooden box made using treated wood. This type of container will be certified, and it will facilitate the unimpeded shipping of the commercial items.

If you are uncertain about other aspects of acquiring wooden boxes for shipping such as customisation, discuss your commercial needs with your supplier.