Helpful Tips for Cleaning a Clay Tennis Court

You might have decided to install a clay tennis court. After all, they are a popular choice, and many people like the fact that they're gentler on your joints and more comfortable under your feet. If you have a clay tennis court, it's important for you to take good care of it. For example, you should make it a point to keep your tennis court clean. If you don't know much about how to properly clean a clay tennis court, you will probably find the following advice to be pretty helpful.

Clean Regularly

First of all, whether you use your court a lot or not, you should still make a point to clean it regularly. If your tennis court gets a lot of use, then you have to worry about dirt and debris falling off of players' shoes and getting the court dirty. Even if your tennis court isn't used all the time, you have to worry about the wind blowing dirt and debris onto the court, or you have to worry about limbs and leaves falling from the trees above. If your tennis court isn't kept clean, you do have to worry about indentions forming in the clay surface. You also have to worry about players not having good traction when they're using the court. Therefore, you should invest in a tennis court broom and keep it close by so it's convenient for you or others to clean the tennis court on a regular basis.

Use the Right Broom

You might already have a broom on hand that you're planning on using to clean your clay tennis court, but you should really think about investing in a special tennis court broom. Look for a tennis court broom that's advertised as being a good choice for clay courts in particular. You'll probably find that most of them have stiff, hard bristles. This type of broom should be very effective at cleaning your clay tennis court, all without damaging the court.

Sweep Lightly

When sweeping your clay tennis court, you should know not to press too hard with the tennis court broom. If you're using the right type of broom, it should do a good job of cleaning the court when used lightly. You may find that light pressure will actually make it easier for you to move debris, and you can avoid damaging the court while you're cleaning it by being mindful of how much pressure you're using, too.