Tennis Broom Techniques 101: How to Choose, Use and Care For Your Tennis Court Broom

Maintaining a clean and debris-free tennis court is essential for optimal gameplay. The tennis court broom is one of the most valuable tools in your court maintenance arsenal. The following tips will walk you through choosing a broom and some sweeping and broom care techniques to help ensure a professional-level clean every time.

Choosing the Right Broom

Before diving into sweeping techniques, choosing the right broom for your tennis court is essential. Look for brooms specifically designed for tennis courts, as they are equipped with features that optimise performance and durability. In addition, pay attention to the broom's bristle material, length and stiffness, as these factors influence its effectiveness in removing debris from different court surfaces.

Preparing the Court

Before you start sweeping, ensure that you prepare the court. Using a rake or leaf blower, you need to remove any bigger pieces of debris, such as leaves or branches. This step will prevent the broom's bristles from getting clogged and ensure a more efficient sweeping process.

Mastering the Sweeping Technique

It's crucial to master the sweeping technique. To achieve a professional-grade clean, follow these steps:

Proper Grip

Hold the broom handle firmly with both hands, ensuring a comfortable grip. Doing this gives you better control and manoeuvrability while sweeping.


Place your feet about shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees. Maintain a stable and balanced stance throughout the sweeping process.

Sweeping Motion

Start sweeping from one end of the court, using long, fluid strokes. Aim to push the broom forward with force, allowing the bristles to penetrate the surface and dislodge any dirt or debris.

Overlapping Strokes

To ensure thorough cleaning, overlap each stroke slightly with the previous one. This technique guarantees no missed areas and provides consistent coverage across the entire court.

Post-Sweeping Care

After sweeping, take a moment to care for your broom. Remove any debris caught in the bristles and rinse the broom with water if necessary. Storing the broom in a clean and dry area will help extend its lifespan.


Mastering the art of sweeping your tennis court is essential for maintaining its playability and aesthetics. By choosing the right broom, preparing the court and using the proper sweeping techniques, you can achieve a professional-level clean and enhance the overall tennis experience. So grab your tennis court broom, follow these tips and get ready to enjoy a pristine court every time you step onto it. For more info, contact a tennis court broom supplier today.