What Are the Reasons Behind the Widespread Use of Timber Crates in the Australian Shipping Industry?

There is no denying that the use of timber crates as packaging products for merchandise is rampant in the Australian shipping industry. However, not all shipping companies are at home with the benefits that timber crates can provide. If you currently use non-timber crates in your shipping business and you are considering making a switch to timber crates, it is vital to be acquainted with the benefits that timber crates can bring to the table before you can make a purchase decision.

Keep reading on to find out a number of top advantages associated with the use of timber packaging for freight transport:

Robust construction

When it comes to the transportation of heavy merchandise, timber crates are a perfect choice of packaging material because they are built strong to withstand the heavy weights. Timber crates are made of thick, strong planks of wood that are firmly held together with nails.

The heavier the item that needs to be shipped, the stronger the crate used to package it should be. Crates used to package heavier items will need to be made from thicker planks of wood to ensure maximum protection of the load.

Sustainable option

Wood is a crate construction material that can be replenished by simply planting more trees. As timber crates can be manufactured using wood sourced from managed forest plantations and can be recycled or repurposed upon reaching the end of their lifespan, they have minimal impact on the natural environment. The continued availability of wood as a construction material over the years makes timber crates a packaging product of choice for the future.


If you've got special packaging requirements, you will need to use custom crates. Whether you need an extra-large crate, irregularly-shaped crate, or you have a specific crate finish in mind, timber crate manufacturers can provide you with a product that matches your exact needs, thanks to the fact that wood is easy to cut and work with.

Natural thermal insulation

When it comes to transport of temperature-sensitive merchandise like fresh fruits and vegetables, ammunition, etc., timber crates are a great choice. Wood is a natural heat insulator and it will, therefore, discourages the transfer of heat through your crates. This way, your temperature sensitive merchandise won't get spoilt or damaged.

If these benefits match what you are looking for in your new crates, then you should proceed to make a purchase. Just contact a timber crate manufacturer or supplier near you today!