Precast Concrete Slabs: Important Things You Must Know Before Using Them

As the name suggests, precast concrete slabs are pre-made pieces of concrete slabs designed according to specific measurements and ready for installation. This is unlike the traditional method of construction where you have to build everything from the ground up. Precast slabs are therefore useful in projects where you have tight deadlines where putting up fresh concrete won't have enough time to cure. The good thing is that precast slabs are available for nearly all parts of the building including walls, floor and roofs. If you want to use precast concrete slabs, here are the important things you need to know:

Preparation for Installation

There are important things you must do before installing the slabs in whichever location that you would like to use them. For precast slabs meant for flooring, clear the area of any debris, dirt and obstructions then flatten it to ensure that the slabs will form a perfect level ground. In some cases, you will also have to strengthen the ground by compaction so that it has enough tensile strength to stand up to the weight of the slabs. If the slabs will be used on the roof, make sure that the area is also flat. This will prevent water from gathering at certain points on the roof.

Choosing the Slabs

Selecting the right slabs for the job will ensure that you get the most of them. If you want to use the precast slabs for interior partitioning or walls, you had better choose something that will enhance the air conditioning in your living space. Choose hollow slabs with a layer of air inside them. This air adds insulating qualities to the slabs by enabling them to trap heat within the building. In other words, they keep the slabs from transferring heat from one side to the other. Moreover, you should also go for hollow precast slabs if you want to attenuate sound using the walls. The volume of air within the slabs insulates sound better than a solid precast concrete slab.

Take Measurements

It is important to get the measurements right before you buy your slabs. Preferably, you should let a concreting specialist or builder assist you with taking the measurements so that you get it right from the word go. This will help you determine the appropriate sizes into which the precast concrete slabs should be cut. At least, you will not spend too much time reshaping and resizing the slab.  

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