5 Signs Your Home Needs a Car Elevator

When you think of car elevators, you may think of luxury high rises, but you can actually add a car elevator to your home. Wondering if your home is a good candidate for a car elevator. Here are a few signs that it is:

1. You Need Extra Parking Space

If you don't currently have enough room to park all your vehicles, a car elevator can increase your available parking space. There are two main types of car elevators:

One option allows you to basically stack cars. When the elevator is up, you drive your vehicle on it. Then, you exit the vehicle, push a button, and the vehicle sinks into the ground. You can park another car in the spot on top of it.

With the other option, you stay in your car whilst the car elevator is going down. Then, you drive your car into a subterranean car park. To get back upstairs, you can take the elevator or build access stairs.

2. Your Ground Can Accommodate Digging

Having a need for extra parking is just the first sign. You also need to ensure that your ground is amenable to digging. If you are too close to the water table or if the ground is especially rocky, you may not be able to dig a spot for the car elevator to sink into.

3. You Have Available Space on Your Property

Whether you want a "phantom" car elevator or a full-scale subterranean garage accessible by an elevator, you need space on your property to put it in. The amount of space required varies based on your design objectives. However, if your whole lot is already full of homes and outbuildings, you may not have enough room.

4. You Are Willing to Demolish and Rebuild

That said, if you don't have available space, you may be able to modify your existing buildings to create a car elevator. In some cases, you can put an elevator in the garage just by tearing up some of the floor. In other cases, particularly if you want a big subterranean garage, you may need to demolish your existing structure, put in the below ground garage, add the car elevator, and then rebuild. That can be time-consuming,

5. You Can Afford the Work

Car elevators are an investment, and you need to be prepared for the cost. However, the cost varies based on the complexity of the elevator and the customisations you select. You can learn more by contacting a car elevator installer directly.

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