7 Pieces of Hire Equipment to Help You Clear Land

Do you need to clear land for a big garden, a building or for any other reason? Well, unless you have the necessary equipment or you have weeks available to do it by hand, you probably need to hire equipment. There are a range of options that can work, but here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Bulldozer

Bulldozers are the granddaddy of all land clearing equipment. They feature crawlers or tracks that make it easy for them to go over all sorts of rough and uneven terrain. The giant blade at the front of the bulldozer can smash anything from houses and buildings to trees and bushes.

2. Backhoe or Excavator

Bulldozers push all the stuff from the lot into a giant pile, and in most cases, you need to scoop up that waste and get rid of it. Depending on the size of your project and how much waste you anticipate generating, you may want a backhoe or an excavator. Excavators tend to be better suited to larger projects.

3. Skip or Tipper Trailer

Then, you need to hire a skip to hold all the rubbish. Typically, you have to get that from a skip hire company. If you want to get all your equipment from the same hire company, you may want to look into tipper trailers. You load up the waste, and then you take it to the landfill yourself.

4. Wood Chipper

You may not necessarily want to get rid of all the waste that you generate whilst you are clearing the land. If you want to reuse old trees, you may want to hire a wood chipper. This is a piece of equipment that will turn your trees into chips of wood that you can use for landscaping.

5. Bush Hog

If you don't have a lot to clear, you may want to hire a bush hog instead of a bull dozer. Also called a rotary cutter, a bush hog is basically a heavy duty lawn mower. It can cut through grass, weeds, underbrush, small bushes and similar types of growth.

6. Skid Steer

A skid steer is another piece of equipment that can help you clear land. You can use it as a small bulldozer. Alternatively, you can connect chains to it, loop the chains around trees or structures, and pull them down with the skid steer.

7. Rototiller

Finally, if you are planning to use the cleared space for gardening or farming, you may want to prepare the ground for planting. You can do that with a rototiller. It basically just cuts up the soil.