No Pain, No Stain: The Benefits of Choosing Stainless Steel for Gutter Fabrication

The advent of tough, durable thermoplastics may mean metal guttering is less common than it once was, but the strength, toughness and longevity of metal guttering ensures its enduring popularity. However, if you are having metal guttering fabricated and installed on your own home, or a professional gutter installer who fabricates guttering to order, your choice of metal can make the difference between a reliable guttering system and a leaking, rusting mess.

Conventional steel is naturally vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to moisture, and virtually all steel gutters have to be coated with protective surface treatments to prevent the spread of rust. However, there is an alternative to coated steel gutters that retains all the advantages of choosing steel guttering—stainless steel. This remarkable metal has a number of properties that make it ideal for both residential and commercial gutter fabrication:

It's Rustproof

Stainless steel differs from conventional steel in that it is technically a steel alloy, as small amounts of chromium and other corrosion-resistant metals are added to the steel during the forging process. These added metals give the finished stainless steel almost total immunity to rust, and stainless steel gutters can be fabricated and erected without the need for protective, rustproof coatings. 

It's Durable

Because these rustproof metals are only added in very small amounts, the overall strength of the finished steel is not undermined, and stainless steel gutters retain all of the durability, longevity and load-bearing strength of their conventional steel counterparts.  This stands it in good stead when compared to other rustproof metals used for guttering (such as copper an aluminium), which are significantly more fragile and malleable. 

It's Relatively Inexpensive

Although stainless steel is significantly more expensive than conventional steel, it is considerably less expensive than copper, and can often be purchased for prices comparable to those of aluminium. This makes stainless steel an excellent choice if you are fabricating an extensive guttering system for a larger home or building and don't want to break the bank.

It's Easy to Maintain

Once again, stainless steel lives up to its name here, and its smooth, impervious surface is very easy to keep clean and unobstructed. Without rust to roughen the surface of the steel and cause potential blockages (particularly during autumn), it is also very easy to keep stainless steel gutters flowing freely, protecting the walls of your home against damage caused by overflowing.

It's Recyclable 

If you should decide to alter your guttering system in the future, any stainless steel gutters that are not required can easily be recycled, and can often be sold for considerable sums to scrap metal merchants. With no rust or staining to worry about a stainless steel gutter will retain its value even after years of use.

To learn more about steel fabrication, contact local steel merchants.