3 Tell-Tale Signs Indicating That Your Commercial Central Air Conditioning Ductwork Could Be Leaky

For large commercial buildings with ductwork, central air conditioning is the most efficient way of cooling the entire building. However, the ductwork can also be a source of operational inefficiencies if it develops leaks. If you ever encounter these problems with your commercial central air conditioning system, it could be that your ductwork is leaky and needs to be sealed.

Your equipment is taking too long to cool your space.

One of the tell-tale signs that your ductwork may be leaking out conditioned air is when your air conditioner starts to take longer than usual to achieve the desired room temperatures yet you haven't changed your thermostat settings. It is possible that all of the cool air coming from the air conditioning system is not reaching the air supply vents because it is actually being lost at leak spots. So it would be prudent to ask an HVAC technician to come and inspect your air conditioning system.

Your indoor air quality deteriorating.

Ductwork can run in conspicuous areas like on exterior walls, but they can also pass through hidden places like crawl spaces and basements. If your ductwork is leaky and the area where it runs is dirty, then dirt particulates can find their way into your air supply ducts via the leak spots. This will lead to contamination of the air inside your commercial space and the indoor environment will be quite stuffy. Aside from that, you might also notice dirt accumulating too quickly in your space. Ask an HVAC specialist to inspect your air conditioning ductwork if the air inside your commercial space seems to be overly dusty.

Your monthly electricity bills are increasing drastically.

If your monthly electricity bills are going up and you cannot trace the extra expenses to any other appliance in the home, leaky air conditioning ductwork could be the culprit. If the cool air that your equipment works so hard to provide is being lost via leak spots in your ductwork, then you may be faced with higher electricity bills from your electricity company. Leaky ducts are a source of energy inefficiency in your air conditioning system, so don't be surprised when they cause your electricity bills escalate.

The above-discussed points help draw attention to the possibility that your air conditioning ductwork may be leaky. But if your HVAC contractor finds that your ductwork is in good working order, they will troubleshoot for the root cause of the problem and provide the correct remedy.

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